Friday, 9 August 2013

Thank Crunchie for Friday

Hidy Hi Cheesies. What a funny looking sky here this morning. I just hope it improves for Chepstow show tomorrow Which is being held on Chepstow race course for the first time in years, at least it should be a little bit drier underfoot compared to the field where the show has usually been taking place. The towns Garden competition was judged last night & I met the judges from the Secret Garden, just as we were leaving to go to my brother Kev's.  I'm not sure what they will make of my little patch, but it's good fun to enter.
We had a smashing evening with my Brother at Llandogo. His wife Renska cooked sea bass which just melted in your mouth, Kevin made fresh raspberry individual pavlovas, which just danced on your tongue, slowly sipped with a glass of full bodied red wine.  Kev has just undergone the first of 2 hip replacements at the age of 50. He is doing well & has the second at the end of September. He has been a Marine, & always looked after himself & worked out, so not sure why this has happened
This weekend makes 40 days working on the trot without a break we're absolutely cream crackered and looking forward to next week which is full of exciting developments. BUT FIRST ON SUNDAY, I'm off fishing to Grange Springs near  Chepstow, WOOHOO!.  On Tuesday and we're off to Salisbury to visit my sister Victoria who is flying in for a short break from Penang Island I haven't seen my sister for 2 years so I'm really really excited about Tuesdays events. we're going from Wales as a big gang, myself and Gerry and our big gang from Wales  will spend a day playing and having fun with my sister Victoria, Brendan, Kimberly & Ryleigh in auntie Jayne's field. We will have a barbecue and play all sorts ofl games This coming Thursday sees the first birthday of our little grandson Theo James.
He wanted a garden swing for his birthday so eBay has  just informed me it's been shipped and is on its way and should be delivered in time for daddy to put up in the garden on his birthday.  We also have to take bikes down to Abergavenny for the green man festival, Apparently there is a special eco-tent which is being powered totally by pedal power that is where our bikes come in. In exchange for lending the festival our bikes we have been given tickets to full access to the green man festival from Friday till Sunday, so I think a whole gang of us are off to see Ben Howard on Sunday evening how exciting is that.