Saturday, 18 August 2012

Family Day

Mum is currently on the train coming up from Salisbury, arrives at Newport at 10.20. Wohoo. She's so excited about meeting Theo James. Sarah & Dave (my sister) arrive tonight & then we all go my brother Kevin's tomorrow for fun, splashing, kayaking on the Wye.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Your nicked!!

On the way home from the hospital this morning, at about 3.45 Adam & I got pulled over by the cops doing a spot check. 'just dropped my Mrs off at Neville Hall' Adam said. 'she's in labour'. 'why aren't you with her then' said the copper. Adam replied 'cos her waters have broken & shes not got any pains yet'
The cops replied with some snarky comment
'and I'm the mother' I answered from the front. The cops back tracked, wished Adam the best & sent him
On his way. Nothing like more excitement to add to the evening

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Nanny almost

After an exciting day in the garden & cycling with Charlotte & baby bump, Adam, Linda & Chloe at Byn Bach park. An Indian takeaway & watch the Olympic Finale was in order. At 1.30 I got the call from Charlotte, her waters have broken. So here I am at 1.44 am in Neville Halls Maternity unit. Waiting for Charlottes assessment.
I will keep you posted

Grandma in waiting

After 9 months In Residence. Theo has been given 24 hr eviction notice. He has a new furnished premises ready & waiting for him.
A sleepless night spent tossing & turning. Not with anticipation of the arrival of baby Theo, but from the pain of injured leg. It's been a week since Dr looked at it without much interest, gave me a prescription for some painkillers and said if its not better in 6 weeks to come back.
Off to leg club on Tuesday.